The bonus that cannot be cashed in (Sticky Bonus)

Uncollectable bonuses, commonly known as “sticky bonuses” or “Sticky Bonus,” are a type of bonus that only a select few online casinos now provide.

Unlike other promotions, the casino’s offer of free money cannot be cashed in. When a player meets the bonus bet casino’s requirements and requests a withdrawal, the bonus will be deducted from the player’s winnings. Stick the extra cost to your account.


Some casinos implemented this policy because they saw cashable bonuses as detrimental to their business. As a result, they’ve eliminated that category of benefits and replaced it with this Sticky Bonus, which will remain in your account no matter what.


There is no requirement for either release or receipt, even if it is credited to your bonus account as usual.


While it’s true that some players won’t be able to cash out with their initial deposit and subsequent winnings, this bonus is typically much more beneficial and even higher than its “cousin” (1st deposit), and its wagering requirements are also more flexible. All of this is done to prevent the player from feeling overwhelmed by this boost. It’s been flatly rejected by several gambling establishments.


Casinos offering this type of bonus may have varying terms and restrictions, so be sure to check before you play.


This type of bonus is valued by certain players because it makes their long-term playing strategy more effective. If a strategy calls for a significant cash gain to achieve the goal (like the use of roulette strategies), they may at least extend your playing time.

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